Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Networking Group Dynamics

My main networking group- the group I go to every week, and get the most business from ( apoint not to be taken lightly), is a large group of about 30 people. However, when we started, the group only had about 9 regular members.

We are business professionals from all over Rochester.

Over the last three years I have watch this group grow and grow - but it didn't happen over-night. And now, as a bigger group - one with interesting, well-connected people, we are continuously attracting others.

And the members are constantly inviting new contacts, because we are proup of our group... and want to share our networking success!

Each week I sit around this table of friends and wonder how I got here. I probably wouldn't have joined a big group. Having a small group at the start was important to me to be able to get to know the others, and feel comfortable with them. I see other people come in now--and some love the fact that the group is so big, and to others it is overwhelming. There are a lot of people to meet.

One of the great things about having been small - and now being big, is that we are still a very close group. Most of us have worked together now for at least 2 years, we trust eachother, and the testimonials from the other members. The group dynamic is strong, the group is friendly - and they are there to do business.

If you want to check us out...we meet Friday AM at 7 - Hawthorne's Restaurant, Rochester, NY.

BRIGTON'S BEST BNI - If you are not in the area, and are looking for a networking group to join, check out the BNI main site at

Meghan Wier
VP Business Development

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Business Networking Groups

There are many different types of Business Networking Groups all over the world--some formal, some informal. Many people are very comfortable in the larger "mixer" networking events, but for some this is overwhelming, and something more structured suits them much better.

The key to business networking is finding the groups or events that work best for you.

One of the great business networking groups is BNI, (Business Network International). With groups meeting all over the world, usually several per city, this group has the strength and system that works for just about any person, in any business.

Please post any information Business Networking Groups that you would like, or what you find useful about them.